Sweet Pea Christian DayCare & Preschool - " A Garden of Possibilities for Love and Learning!"
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   Here at Sweet Pea Christian Daycare, we feel that children are a treasured gift from God. What an awesome responsibility we have to love and nurture our children and teach them about the world God has given them.
   We provide a warm, loving home environment perfect for little minds to learn and grow! We have exciting activities and themes for all ages! Lots of one on one time, walks to the park and outside play where children can climb, run and jump, plant flowers or catch ladybugs!
    We feel that children learn by doing and that each experience is a learning oppurtunity. That's why we offer an environment where children feel free to experience, create and ask questions about the world around them.
The Valley of Vegetables by The Laurie Berkner Band
A Sweet Peas Favorite
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